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According to this drama, women are their least beautiful on Wednesday's at 3:30pm.

Who knew? (sarcasm) 🤷‍♀️😂.

Please! Somebody tell me, is this something that was made up for the story? Or is it a real saying in Korea?

Here in NJ, USA, we speak of the dreaded 3:00pm slump, which can leave you feeling groggy at your desk and in desperate need of afternoon coffee. So it's not a completely outrageous idea. Sure, the 3pm slump could leave you looking haggard... but it affects men & women equally!

This ^ is the kind of reaction I've had to the premise of this story in the past, but here I am...I finally watched it.

And I promise you, it's actually a reaaaallllly cute drama.


In this miniseries, two childhood friends strike up a mutually beneficial deal after both experience an unexpected blow.

Seon Eun Woo was dumped by her longterm boyfriend on a Wednesday at 3:30pm.

& Yun Jae Won lost his new cafe in a fire. A cafe that was entrusted to him by a girl he deeply cares for.

The two commiserate that evening in a pojangmacha and drunkenly come up with a plan.

Jae Won will stay in Eun Woo's spare room, that way his money can go into fixing the cafe. In exchange, he'll devise a plan to make Eun Woo's boyfriend sorry he ever left her.

Jae Won calls his plan the Wednesday 3:30pm project.

Each week they'll spend that time together doing something fun, snap a photo of Eun Woo looking radiant, and post it to social media for her ex to see what he's missing.

It's a foolproof plan -- unless someone changes their mind about what they want...

Over ten short episodes, averaging only 20 minutes each, we watch these childhood friends make new memories.

They can be completely comfortable around, and caring towards, each other because of their history & the casual nature of their friendship.

We start to wonder, why don't they just date?


Admittedly, the premise of this story sounds silly. I know. I've passed over watching it many times.

The Wednesday 3:30pm narrative kinda sucks in practice, but for story purposes it creates a super cute plot device!

We get a solid reason why these two friends should go on fun and uplifting dates together every week.

As far as typical Korean Dramas go, this one is simple, YET satisfying.

In your typical, full length, KDRAMA there could be multiple plots, large casts, enemies, lovers, traitors, laughs, tears, car accidents, fevers, gangsters, illness, rich people shenanigans... unexpected twists & turns!

I love KDRAMA for the plot escalation!

But this miniseries isn't that. Instead, this is a paired down version of a full drama where our plot remains focused.

The story mixes

  • childhood friends

  • forced proximity

  • office drama

  • & get your boyfriend back

story elements together, but thats nothing compared to typical dramas ^.^

Screen time is devoted to only the sweetest, saddest, and most emotional moments.

🌸 It's like candy for drama lovers 🌸

Originally airing in 2017 as a web series on a mobile app, Oksusu, you get the sense that Wednesday 3:30pm was created specifically for drama lovers to indulge on a lunch break, or a commute.

The drama looks great!

Even though it's kept simple, the camera angles are dynamic & the little details add a lot. The clothes are cheerful, and the interior of Eun Woo's house is colorful and cozy.

Each date they go on is a callback to some of your favorite date scenes in any KDRAMA. I won't spoil any here, but I want to mention it because I feel like it further proves this drama was created with drama fans in mind.

Because I'm an incredibly boring individual, I love a domestic setting in a drama.

Does anybody else feel that way?

Sure an action story can be exciting, and the lifestyles of the rich and famous are glamorous, but like... sometimes I just want to indulge in a slightly romantic, slightly comedic, but mostly slice of life story.

I think its the modern equivalent of pastoral literature (haha).

Pastoral literature, class of literature that presents the society of shepherds as free from the complexity and corruption of city life. Many of the idylls written in its name are far remote from the realities of any life, rustic or urban.

In Conclusion

Watch it!

Whether you're a longtime KDRAMA fan or a newbie, this is a story that anyone who likes cute romance or slice of life can enjoy. Clocking in under four hours, it's the time investment equivalent of a long movie, or a short anime.

It looks like you can watch it for free on VIKI, even if you don't have their subscription. So what are you waiting for!?


Jin Ki Joo, 31, Little Forest (2018), Come and Hug Me (2018), & The Secret Life of My Secretary (2019)

Lee Hong Bin, 26, group member of Vixx (Kpop), Moorim School (2016), Witch's Love (2018), & The Smile Has Left Your Eyes (2018).


You can watch it on Viki!

Watch Wednesday 3:30pm on Viki

Are you a KDRAMA fan? How do you feel about short dramas? I've been venturing into them recently because I don't always have the time for a full drama, but I do always need KDRAMA in my life.

Thanks for reading!


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