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# Strong Female Comics

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

The 10 best comics if you're looking for #strongfemaleprotagonists .

If you're a long time reader you may remember my comics review section from version 1.0 of Nerdify Reviews. Instead of moving all those posts over here, I'll be writing up new comics related posts, like this one!

These 10 comics all have great female protagonists & most of them are written or drawn by female creators.

10. From Under Mountains

by Claire Gibson, Marian Churchland, Sloane Leong

Publisher: Image Comics

Year: 2016

Genre: Desert Fantasy

A desert fantasyland is plagued by feuding houses and supernatural threats.

Lady Elena of Karsgate Keep must defy tradition taking on her fathers role as protector of their people. How will she identify the threat when it seems to be coming from outside and within?

The fluid art style in this series captures a hazy & harsh desert atmosphere.

Where to buy

9. 1602: Witch Hunter Angela

by Marguerite Bennett, Kieron Gillen

Publisher: Marvel

Year: 2016

Genre: Superhero

The people of England have gone all Faustian, making deals with devils & it falls to Angela and Sera to hunt them down.

Speaking Ye 'Ol English & kicking Ye 'Ol Butt.

Set in King Jame's England this fun alternate story reads like it was written by Shakespeare, who evidently makes an appearance.

As do the Guardians of the Galaxy and Cloak & Dagger.

It's a fun read if you were enthusiastic about English class & you really don't need to know anything about Angela or the Marvel world to enjoy it.

Some of the art even looks like a medieval painting with dark backgrounds and harsh lighting.

Where to buy

8. Another Castle: Grimoire

by Andrew Wheeler, Paulina Ganucheau, Jenny Vy Tran

Publisher: Oni Press

Year: 2017

Genre: Fantasy

Princess Misty would rather be the hero than darling of the realm.

But before she can make that happen she gets kidnapped by the evil Lord Badlug who has a nasty reputation of cycling through wives...and castles.

The handsome knight her father sends to her rescue might mean well, but he's completely useless with a sword.

Misty will have to save herself. Along the way she resolves to save the people of Grimoire from Badlug too!

The art style & colors in this comic are really vibrant & fun.

Where to buy

7. The Spire

by Simon Spurrier, Jeff Stockely

Publisher: BOOM! Studios

Year: 2016

Genre: Grotesque Scifi

The Spire juts out of a desolate environment waylaid by a past radioactive catastrophe & full of nonhuman occupants.

Inside its protective walls life is segmented into a rigid class society.

The story opens up with a murder. It will be up to Sha, commander of the City Watch & the last of her kind, to figure out whats going on.

But the history of The Spire is tangled in a web of conspiracy -- made hard to unravel as all the people who would remember the truth are turning up dead.

We often associate female energy with beauty, but this comic is a totally grotesque!

Where to buy

6. Meridian

by Barbara Kesel, Joshua Middleton

Publisher: Cross Generation Comics

Year: 2002

Genre: Fantasy

Set in a world where people live on sky-bound islands as the result of a past cataclysm, our protagonist Sephie acquires both her father's island nation and a mysterious, magical, sigil on her forehead at the start of the series.

Because she is still young, her uncle takes her under his wing, claiming he will teach her to become a great minister, but truly, he has his own agenda.

This is a rebellion story. The ministers of these islands have abused their power for too long and the people are now ready to set themselves free.

Sephie must learn the secret power she now wields and become a freedom fighter.

Where to buy

5. Toil and Trouble

by Mairghread Scott

Publisher: Archaia

Year: 2016

Genre: Fantasy, Shakespearean

A comic retelling of Macbeth starring the three witches.

The fate of Scotland is at stake and the witches are overseeing the battle.

Even though the rules of the Old Religion are clear they ought not meddle in the lives of men--meddle they shall.

Each has their own agenda. We follow Smertae's struggle against her sisters.

This series has phenomenal character design and some brutal battle scenes.

Where to buy

4. NIOBE: She is Life

by Amandla Stenberg, Sebastian A. Jones, Ashley A. Woods

Publisher: Stranger Comics

Year: 2017

Genre: Fantasy

Niobe is a coming of age, self discovery story.

This comic opens up with plenty of wonder and excitement as Niobe, a young half elf, escapes the clutches of a Vampiress.

She then treks through some really beautiful wilderness to find her Elven homeland.

But will she find 'home' there?

When a murder occurs in the village, it sets a journey in motion for Niobe to discover her true potential as those around her prepare for war.

Niobe delves into the struggle of feeling like you never truly belong when you're mixed race.

Where to buy

3. Delilah Dirk

by Tony Cliff

Publisher: First Second

Year: 2013

Genre: Action / Adventure

Delilah Dirk is a reckless, sword wielding, boat flying, thieving, adventuress.

She is smart, battle hardened & witty with those who would do her harm.

Her schemes may be crazy dangerous, but they're always worth it in the end.

This comic reads like a cinematic experience!

Where to buy

2. Nimona

by Noelle Stevenson

Publisher: Harper Collins

Year: 2015

Genre: Fantasy

Nimona is a young girl who is super enthused to become sidekick to the super villain Lord Blackheart.

She's a shapeshifter, she's spunky, and she doesn't entirely know what she is doing.

Only it takes Blackheart quite some time to realize this.

He is too blinded by the revenge he seeks against everyones favorite pretty boy hero, Sir Goldenloin to realize that Nimona might be a danger to them all.

A strange mixture of fantasy, science, and superheroes awaits you in this world.

The banter is excellent & so are the feels.

Where to buy

1. Monstress

by Marjorie Liu, San Takeda

Publisher: Image Comics

Year: 2016

Genre: Steampunk Fantasy

Mika is haunted by trauma she experienced during the war. She's also struggling with newly developing a connection to a demon.

In this intricately illustrated, steampunk, asian fantasy world of matriarchy, talking animals, and enslavement very few people are safe.

Mika is in search of answers, but the closer she gets to them the more danger she encounters.

Worse is that others have started befriending her, putting themselves in danger too.

This brutal story of strength and corruption is not one we often see a female protagonist heading up.

Where to buy

Have you read any of these? Do you have any other female driven comics to suggest?

Thanks for reading!



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Images included to identify & promote each comic were sourced from

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