hi hi!

I'm Amanda.  I've been blogging since 2015.

I like coffee, good stories, vegetarian food, the uncanny, cute stuff, and internet culture.

I take lot's of photos & spend too much time down the rabbit hole.

I hope you like it here ^.^

30 . NJ . USA

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On Stories...

Books, Manga, Anime, KDrama, Film..


I look for character driven, quirky, slice of life, fiction.  This jazzes me.  


Satirical social commentary is impressive.


An appreciation for the natural world, or a strong sense of place, is always a delight.  


As are tales about feeling alienated from society, while participating in it.


If this sounds appealing to you,

I hope you'll find some new favorites here!

Lifestyle Posts

My lifestyle posts are inspired by whatever pictures I happen to take of daily life.


Snapshots may include:

  • cafe culture

  • vegetarian food

  • spaces I enjoyed

  • cute things 

  • reads/watching

  • sky

  • cityscapes

  • an unforgivable overuse of the peace sign

You Can Also Find Me On...

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